PX200E Performance Upgade

Hi All,

I am currently looking at getting more power out of my PX200. I have recently bought a JL Performance exhaust (yet to receive) and next looking at a Malossi kit.

I am stuck, as I don't really know if I should be matching the Malossi kit with a new carb, crank etc.

Basically, I am looking at getting the best performance out of my engine. My budget is approximately 1000 euro, excluding the exhaust.

Any help would be greatly appreciate on a good comination of carb, crank etc that would match the malossi kit as well as the JL pipe.



It looks like it. I run Polini + Reed Malossi + Dellorto 30 + Sito Plus.

Thanks again.


I noticed that SIP sell a Malossi 210 kit which has already had to mods done to it. Is this just a straight bolt on? If so, is there a matching head?



Are you talking about the W5 upgraded Malossi 210 Kit ??


What would be the matching head for the W5 kit?

Hey dude,


sounds a little bit confusing, what engine exactly do you have , what do you want to change and how much do you want to spend  ?





Hey dude



What about a mid range Setup mostly reliable:


Normal Racecrank /24 SI Carburetor / New 210 Malossi including cylinder head / Reinforced COsa Clutch with 23 Dents / And a SIP T5 Pipe or an Sip Performance race Exhaust


Hope this was helpfull [:D]  





''I have a small problem with my existing P200 engine that is becoming difficult to start after long runs, like, after stopping to fill up with petrol for instance. Everything, including jetting (118 main) is totally standard with the exception of a mazzu' polished race crank. Would you say it was worth upjetting a little because I'm using the mazzu crank?''


Sounds more like a lack of compression to me, you may need new piston rings or a rebore and piston kit.

Take a look:


Hi dude




I´m not a friend of a tuned engine with oilpump because i had an accident in the past becuase the pump dont brought enough oil to the engine in higher refs or on long trips. The thing is that it´s possible that you don´t got any trouble or you got trouble.

My expirience is that a RZ Righthand pipe is for race engine and not for touring. It´s like a 50 Hp engine with a ferrari exhaust ... understand ??

Anyway .....




If i got you correctly you should have an engine like this ( but please fill allways a little of extra oil in your gas tank)




- Malossi 210

- MMW hemi head

- 24 SI Carb with cosa floater

- SIP T5 Pipe

- Short PX 125 gear

- Longstroke Racecrank Mazzucchelli

- Reinforced Cosa Clutch with 23 Dents





With this Setup you got a good daily driver with enough tourge and it runs round about 110 - 120 km/h




PS: If you mount the RZ Pipe with this setup you will have a jammed piston after a couple kilometers.




I currently have a 1996 PX200E, standard engine.

I recently purchased a SIP performance exhaust which I am yet to fit.

My budget is $2000 AUD. From this I am hoping to purchase a 210 malossi kit, matching head, carb and possibly crank.

The biggest issue I have is that I don't know what crank, cylinder head, and carb work well together. I don't want to buy just anything and then realise that the components don't work well together.

I am lost betwenn long and standard crank etc.

I am hoping to have a setup that will allow me to greatly increase power output whilst maintaining some sort of ridability.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for this reply LaRocca! I've got some problems, however, concerning your recommendations, because I've already bought some stuff from SIP following the advice of others (too many opinions!!). I like your recommendations but can I get by with the equipment I've already got (provided I buy a few more things?):

This is what I've got:

1. New Malossi 210 with  New Malossi cylinder head SIP Art. No. 3113764

2. SI 26/26G Carb Dell'orto T5 with oil pump SIP Art. No. 40016000

3. 4th Gear Piaggio T5 36 cogs SIP Art. No. 22322900

I will buy:

4. SIP T5 Pipe

5. Mazzuchelli Racecrank:  but which one Racecrank?

you recommended the Longstroke, but other say the regular / normal Racecrank (Mazzuchelli AMT 166, SIP Art No 45010000). If I get a longstroke  can I use my new Malossi head? Or do I need that MMW head? Or can I get by with a normal racecrank with the new Malossi head? How much better is the longstroke for touring than the normal racecrank?


6. How important is it that I buy the Reinforced Cosa Clutch with 23 dents? Can I get by with my normal clutch? I don't intend racing or thrashing my Vespa to death. I just need more power taking off, and cruising at higher speeds, overtaking lorries on the freeways etc.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


Alexander (confused!)


Hi dude


The gear you´re talking abut is for px125 and aslo T5, you can use it.




Reg. the question, what is better for touring long or normal crank. For me the longstroke is better for touring.


If you use the new malossi cylinder including the head you can use it with a longstroke crank. But notice that you have to mount the correct feet or head gasket.




PS: Dont ask to much different people about your setup because it will confuses you a lot [;)]






When looking for my exhaust, I managed to find helpful information regarding performance i.e. Dyno test.

Are there any test which show comparisons between carb options for Malossi kits, or can you recommend any.


Thanks for the link.


Very interesting. I note that the majority of the Malossi 210 combinations run Dellorto 30mm carbs.


Has anyone had experience with this setup, and is it the most preferred?

you´re allways welcome [Y]

Hi dude,


It depends - you can use 2 kinds of MMW Heads or the Original Malossi Head with O-Ring.


Do you want high tourqe or high refs ?

Wich crank do you use ?





I am currently also looking at upgading my crank.

I have no idea to what will be suit the malossi kit. Ideally I would prefer a combination which allows me to pull away. So I would prefer something with a little more torque rather than high revs.

It was suggested the mazzucchelli crank. Any suggestions>


I also want to upgrade my PX200E. I've already bought the following:

Malossi 210 kit + head; T5 4th gear; Dell'orto 26 mm carb + oil pump.

I want to build a daily rider / tourer ; not a racing bike. I need to keep the oil pump, because I'm a commuter and I don't want to be wasting time mixing oil & petrol. I hope in the next couple of months to buy a JL right hand exhaust pipe, but I'm confused about what crankshaft I need. I'm not going to get a reed valve, so is the normal racecrank the best choice also for my purposes as a long distance commuter?

And by normal racecrank do you mean the one listed in the SIP catalogue as Art. 45010000 made by Mazzuchelli and selling for 96,90 Euros?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have had mixed experiences with the Mazzuchelli cranks and find the quality of the MecEur equivalent is consistently higher - although if you intend modifying the casing inlet (never do both the casing and the crank) then the standard Piaggio crank will tolerate a lot of use and abuse.

The Worb 5 Malossi 210 kit is quite simply art in a box, I have built several and they never fail to amaze ! The MMW heads are good but I would favour the genuine Malossi head with O ring.

Carbs and pipes ? It depends what you are looking for , a balls out devil in disguise or a fast dependable tourer. The JL pipe can be run on anything from an upjetted standard Si24 to to del'lorto 34mm + , in terms of value for money the PWK 28 and 30mm kits are excellent.

Hope this helps?