PX200e-Oil change/clutch slip!

I’ve just got 500km on the clock and thought I’d change the oil. To start with I used ‚Rock Oil 10w40 synthetic fortified‘,recommended by a local scooterist, but when I rode it the clutch seemed to be slipping slightly when I accelerated, the revs were slightly higher than the engine, only just, but I knew it wasn’t right.
I rang the local dealer who persuaded me I should be using ‚Putoline Super DX4 10w40 synthetic fortified‘. I’ve just changed the oil again and it’s still F#*kin’ slipping.
I’ve backed the cable off a bit more and it’s not helped, is it shagged? Will I have to take the clutch out and change bits? What the f#*k is going on??? HELP!!![:bounce:]

I’ll give it a go with sae 30 but I don’t understand why the other oils don’t work in my PX. Surely Piaggio haven’t done something radical like redesign the clutch, so why don’t they work in my scoot if they appear to work in everyone elses…?
And if I have to use this 30 grade stuff ,which one is best?[:bounce:] Cheers

The scoot came from Midland Scooter Centre, who were more than helpful and very knowledgable, they said use SAE 30 but it was too late, the damage had been done. The Piaggio dealer that I’ve been talking to is Sea Star Super Bikes near Norwich. As the name suggests they deal mainly in bikes but in fairness they do have a lot of scoots, mainly Maxi’s, in shop.
They checked all sorts of charts and asked the mechanics which oil to use to ensure I was buying the right stuff but it was the same grade as the stuff I got from D.L. Tinklers (Rock Oil), an after market Vespa/Lammy shop in Norwich.
After reading your reply about the clutch plates being shagged forever I’ve ordered some genuine plates from yet another dealer in the city. Any tips on changing the bastards would be appreciated. I’ve got a Haynes manual which seems to be a good start.
I really can’t be arsed to piss around explaining all this shit to Piaggio to try & get them to change it F.O.C.
Part of owning a Vespa is about doing stuff yourself so f*&# 'em, if I need to know anything I’ll ask the blokes who know,

Cheers for the replies, nice one…[:bounce:]

Oils have different viscosity which allows for engine temperatures i think. So if you use an oil that is too thin to start with as it warms up it becomes thiner which leads to clutch plates getting too hot and slipping or burning out.

What dealer are you using [?[] because it sounds to me like he knows f*** all about vespas.

what I knew was just the opposite…the oils that have different viscosity are thinner when the engine is cold so that they get to the parts more quickly and gets thicker as the engine gets hot to have enough protection…

anyway, I was using castrol tts synthetic oil for transmission but then my mechanic told me not to use synthetic oil for trans as they may be thin…so since I’m using normal 2 stroke engine oil for the trans …

by the way. how often do you change the oil guys??

Hanes manual should say it all…be sure to soak the plates in SAE30 overnight b4 putting them in or you may find that you end up with the opposite problem.

Lie the bike over and take the wheel and sparewheel off. It may help to disconnect the rear shock to get it to come down a bit further…a clutch holding tool is usefull to have and makes the job easier and is cheap.


Try using the vespa recommended oil SAE 30. The oils you have used so far sound like they should be used in my deisel Laguna.

Don’t get sucked in for the fancy stuff, the bits in the gearbox never wear out. I’ve never used anything but standard cheapo car engine oil and never had any probs. Any SAE30 should be fine… cheaper the better!

Tried the SAE 30, the only stuff I could find was ‚lawnmower & vintage car oil‘ but it still slips. Not as badly but it is slipping. Could the other stuff have messed it up, I’ve done another 70 kms since the SAE 30 went in, how long should it take for the clutch to give up the other oil?
The dealer where I bought it said to do 500km @ 45mph max. Then the next 500 km using the gears a bit more to 50 mph max. Since I’ve been using the gears a bit more I’ve noticed the clutch slipping, this could be coincidence, it may have been knackered before but I didn’t notice until I started to ride it a bit harder, let’s hope the dealer backs me up…!

Cheers for the replies though [:bounce:] Nice one.

Once a clutch has started slipping it ruins the clutch plates so you will need to replace the plates. Its a bit of a twat but at least you’ll remember to use the oil piaggio recommend instead of a crap dealers expensive recommendation.