PX200E Lusso engine to P125X -'81

So this is my plan to buy a new engine to my Vespa. My question is: What parts I have to buy to make my old non-oiler Vespa to a oiling one with a electric starter? I already bought ‚some‘ parts:
Tank PIAGGIO PX with oil ,

Oil tank cap PX,

Tank cap PX,

Packing tank PX,

Fitting oil tank PX,

Packing fitting oil tank PX upper side, Oil tank PX, Washer oil tank PX,
Oil tank connecting piece
Vespa PX,

Clamp oil hose PX, Oil tube PX
l=45cm, d=3,5mm,
Chassis rubber oil hose PX,

Chassis rubber fuel hose, Fuel hose PIAGGIO, length=60cm
Exhaust PIAGGIO PX200 original

I’m going  to buy  the Motor PX200E Lusso E-Start later this year. What else do I have to buy? Thanks…

Hello again. Yes, PX80 is a largeframe scooter. But in the page where is the motor, it says that product fits on P125X, PX80 and several other scooters as well. So, is this true? I don’t know…
And thanks for the luck and info!                                                   

Motor PX200E Lusso E-Start

i don't know, i tried fit on and i think its too biggest
I told you what i seen :( maybe its possible
Maybe sombody at crew of SIP told us how its possible:)

Good Luck

PX 80/125/150 its this some frame. PX80 its largeframe.
http://www.vespaclub.org.pl/copper/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=10030&pos=3 - its link to my wifes Vespa

And I tested put engine PX 200 to this frame

Good Luck!

[quote user="juholius"]I think P125X and PX200E are the same size. PX80 is a smallframe and P125X and PX200E are largeframe. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong...


Nope.All PX motors,and for that fact all GS160 or VB motors on,are are a straight bolt in.

Helo I'm not sure but i thnik engine Px200is biggest than PX 125 and Vespa PX 125'81 its small than PX 200 - but i'm not sure!!!!
i'm testing put engine PX 200 to vespa PX 80 and inpossible :(
Good Luck!


I think P125X and PX200E are the same size. PX80 is a smallframe and P125X and PX200E are largeframe. Somebody tell me if I’m wrong…

In the page its Px80 with engine PX80 but my secenadry Vespa Px80 its with engine PX 150 EFL - no problem but i must change electric and that all. frame for PX 80, p80, PX 125, p 125, PX 150, p150 its this same If you want fit engine p(80-150 with kit 177) its no problem I dont know how its with engine T5 but Px 200 too large! :(
Engine PX 200 its good for GL/SS/Rally
Good Luck!

Hello again,

I mean that sip-scootershop page where they sell that PX200 motor. When you scroll down the page you see a part (product fits on following scooters) where is listed many scooters including: PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200 and so on…
But I really don’t know does it fit as I don’t have that much experience with Vespa. Maybe somebody at SIP could tell what’s the situation - does it fit or not? Thanks.