PX200E Arcobaleno '86 - Problems Starting When Engine is Warm

My PX 200 E 1986 starts OK from cold. However after running for even 20-30 mins ,it is very hard to re-start. It will eventually re-start but 20 + attempts to crank it over ! That does not sound right to me, and I'm sure it will be causing undue wear on the crank gear.

What are the most likely causes of this problem. I know the basics; air, fuel and spark to get an engine to start. Are electrical or fuel supply or both , the most likely scenarios?

I'm thinking about changing the ignition system to a Malossi vespower ignition Art.No.55156100. Is this likely to help me with this issue ? Any comments on this kit would be helpful too.

I guess a carburettor rebuild would be a good idea as well ?

Well I solved that issue with a new carb and bigger jet . Jet was needed coz I put on a sip road 2 , what a difference. Have held back on the vespower  ignition as I do more reading about changing the flywheel weight the less convinced I am unless go with a weight close to the original weight. I'm not racing this scoot. Anyone want to share their thoughts on changing ignitions and the merit of lighter flywheel on a scoot that does city riding and a bit of touring?

Im using a NGK B6ES.  I followed your tip re the fuel tap , It seemed to help. However I suspect the condition of the carby is also an issue. I removed it and pulled it down. Warn main jet, wrong sizes on the others, warped body,  throttle slide sticks in the slide. So im going to replace it. I also checked the fit of the fly wheel on the crank case. There is some  discolouration  of the fly wheel and some  fine scratches. I tested the fit by pouring oil in the inlet to see if it holds the oil,  it did so for over 3-4 minutes. Seems OK but I  will change the flywheel sooner or latter. The scooter had no filter on the carby  air inlet when I bought it. So I have no idea how much it was ridden with no filter.

Hi, can you tell me what kind of spark plug are you using?

Try this tip: close the fuel tap and accelerate tre o four times before turn off the engine. Then try to restart.

I think that is a carburation problem!