PX200 touring tuned

I have a PX200, and want to tune it to touring purposes.

Any suggestions?

What about LeoVince exhaust, Pinasco 215 kit, longstroke crankshaft, SI24/24 with 126 jet and original clutch and gears.

Will this make a strong and durable engine?

Hope anyone have some suggestions…

Thanx!!! [:look:]

Thanx. However, I forgot to say that it’s at PX200 engine in a Vespa GTR -74, so I do not have a spare wheel.

So the LeoVince is more suitable for an engine with high RPM’s, and not very strong in mid-range?

My budget is not unlimited, so perhaps a Simonini will be best? Is it very loud? My engine is fitted with a LeoVince at the moment, but is not tuned.


yes for all but the leo vinci with the Pinasco kit.
Dependig on your budged I would go for either a PM or a Simonini.
Both can be used with the spare wheel and they are more tailored for a mid range power band oriented then the vinci and so more suitable for your need.


the leovinci search the power in the high rpm of the engine. Your standard barrel I think it will work globally better with the standard exhaust. It will be slower in the max speed, but much fuller in the low and mid range.
The simonini has a different caracter as i said before. More mid range oriented. As far as the noise concern they are more or less equivalent.
Pinasco kit is a very good touring kit so it will sure work better with the simonini, but you could always start with the leo vinci and then when you can afford go for a simonini.