PX200 to go faster

You’re all probably sick of answering all the same questions but…
Got a standard PX200 with a scootrs tuned pipe on. Using a 122 main jet and have drilled air filter above main jet.
At the moment it flys through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd but a bit sluggish in 4th (as usual).
Question is, if I got my standard flywheel lightened would it give that little bit of help it needs. What effect would this have on my clucth?
Also would it help if I went for a T5 fourth? Heard these work better on a kitted up 210.
Don’t really want to kit it.

Nothing really bad,probably was set about right as the marks are unreliable.

T5 4th will help to keep it in the power which is what it needs with the scootrs pipe. Having the std flywheel lightend will help the motor spin up a bit quicker and provide a bit more power. If you are going to lighten your std flywheel don’t worry too much about your clutch. Check your timing is correct with a strobe and keep on top of ring wear and it should be a bit better.;D

I (well someone else) was fitting a Malossi 210 kit to my PX last night as it runs like a dog - but I noticed that the timing mark before any adjustments was right in the middle of the A and the IT marks - am I right to assume this was set to around 20’ instead of what should have been 23 for a standard PX200 ?

If so , what would the affect have been on performance ?

I have just fitted a 210 kit also and the timing was set in the same place. As it was running fine before i assumed that this position was 23 degrees and moved the stator around so it was the same distance after the 18 degree mark. Its as far as it will go in the slots.
Will it be ok ?

Thanks diablo for the reply,
Going to have a go at lightening the standard flywheel, only thing is I’ll lose my electric start by all accounts. Also would the timing alter or stay at 23 degees?
Unless anyone’s got a second hand one forsale so I don’t have use the orginal.
Thanks again.