PX200 in SS180

I am thinking about getting a new PX200 engine for my dear SS180. Is it possible to run an EFL without a separate oil tank? Just mixing the oil in the gas like the old days?
I want the convenience of the new engine, but I don’t want to change the old frame too much…

Sure theres no problem mixing the oil in the tank.

Cool! sounds good. Thanks a lot!!
JuanK: I am not sure I am following you on the"viewer lens" what do you mean? I have to mount an oil tank somewhere in the frame right? Also: can I run the EFL without battery? just with a rectifier like on the older PX engines?

Juan K: you were right, the EFL runs fine without a battery[:D]

Hi - I’m doing this at the moment. I am putting a PX autolube tank in. Don’t drill a hole for the site glass - you can either remove it and fill the hole or simply turn the oil tank round.

As for the wiring, I’m going to try to keep the electric start too - I posted a copy of my proposed diagram here: http://scooterbbs.com/board/DCForumID1/48153.html

(note that there are a couple of small errors that people have identified later in the post). I’m almost done - I’ve built a new wiring harness and have the motor back in. Just hooking everything up and should be able to report soon whether it works.

If you don’t want to use a battery, I recommend the diagram on this website (but see the changes to my right hand switch for the horn button in the previous link as a slightly more elegant solution): http://www.5thgear.orcon.net.nz/tech/px-oldschool/index.htm

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if anyone spots any more glaring errors in what I’ve proposed, please let me know ;-D

Use the PX autolube tanks and simply remove the plastic viewer lens for the oil level and then blank off the resulting hole. Make up a dip-stick to check the level or simply make sure you keep it topped up.

You can run an EFL without a battery but I’m no sparky,better left to someone with better understanding of wiring.[:D]

If you’d rather I’m pretty sure you can run an oil tank in the SS,just remove and blank off the viewer lens.

Great thanks!!

I installed the engine yesterday, it is running off the old tank for now, but i’ll be looking to get a new one with the oil tank. I just hooked it up to the old wiring harness, with some light modifications to fit a rectifier. It started after 5 kicks, and runs nicely!!

It is good to be back on the road! Just have to adjust the idle speed, and the gear cables.

Yeah…sounds like a good idea… thanks for the advice [:D]