PX200 in an ss180 - wiring ?s

Looking to put a millennium edition PX200 engine in a ss180 frame. Obviously bolting it in and hooking up the cables is no problem.

My question relates to the wiring. I want to keep the electric start, so will be adding a battery and an ignition switch in the headset (the hole is already there). I’ll need a relay somewhere for the starter motor. I’m thinking about using the ignition switch as the „kill“ and using the existing kill switch as the button for the electric start.

Has anyone done this and got a diagram that they could share? Any other thoughts/advice?

Uh, I thought PX Millenium edition only has 125 and 150 cc engine…

Depends where you were living. They made lots of the 200 cc Millennium Editions (in fact we only got the 200 cc versions here in NZ).

consider this:



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