PX200 flatspot

Hi peeps , just got a 2002 P2 disk , and when riding along in fourth gear if i shut the throttle down then open it again quickly it devolopes a massive flat spot before picking up speed again . The engine is totally standard , anyone got any idea what could be causing this ? cheers Mick


when you say flat spot you mean a hole in the rpm ?

If you open the gas quickly with in neutral do you have a hole or you mean a hole in power.
Sorry, try to be as precise as possible.

Hi yes a hole in the rpm is what i mean , it only happens when i am riding flat out in 4th gear when i shut the throttle then open it again .It is ok in neautral .cheers

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as usual can be for different reasons, so you have to proceed for exclusion.

It seams like a kind of fuel starvation.

First check the spark plug or put a new one so you are sure you have a good spark. And check its colour just to see how your engine is burning the fuel. (it is not the plug your problem but it is good to check it)

Then try to get to the problem:

Check the fuel line. From the tank to the carb. If anything blocking.
First the fuel hose.
If the hose is ok you should check the fuel tap assembly.
You must have a special tool to unscrew the fuel tap fro inside the tank, but this tool costs about 10 euro.