PX200 exhaust that will last?

I have a PX with some porting etc, and I have been using a Sito Plus exhaust.

Two problems - 1) After about a month, the noise is really annoying - not just loud, but painful. 2) After a few more months, the thing is so rusty it needs replacing.

I ride all year, so this is getting expensive - two exhausts a year is adding up!

Any suggestions? I dont want a pipe that sends all the power right up the rev range, but I do want it to sound good, add power, and LAST!!

Thanks for any advice, Nick

A Simonini is a good cheap pipe, or a Polini. Get a painted one and have it coated as Nick said, but it won’t last forever. The only way to get a lasting pipe would be to try a stainless steel one, SIP or Scorpion, but they can crack in time, and they are expensive. Personally I favour the chrome Simonini, cheap, last’s 2-3 times longer than a stock or sito plus and sounds good. Not overly sporty so has good road manners and not so expensive you are scared to ride over kerbs so you don’t ding the bottom. The other option is to remove & repaint your pipe frequently, any car accessory shop sells exhaust paint in the usual black anf often in different colours these days, I have seen silver, gold & red lately.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Beerace - I have been reading the thread about your new pipe, and it sounds well worth a look. I have to say I have always fought shy of expansion boxes and the like, after many disappointments in the past - remember Piper 3-1 pipes for the old Suzuki triples? Aaargh!! Revival are in Wiltshire aren’t they? Which means a great ride from Leicester down the old Fosse Way! Couldn’t ask for better!!

Cheers, Nick

You could try a Pinasco exhaust. It has a chrome finish that should hold up better than the Sito. I had one and found it to be an excellent all rounder. You could always send it out to be ceramic/aluminum coated and it’d last darn near forever. www.jet-hot.com

Cheers Adrian - I was about to go back to a standard exhaust, simply to save my eardrums! I am doing about 7,000 miles a year at the moment, so the noise is no joke. Thats also why I don’t want stratospheric revs. I now have several options, and I will try the cheapest first and move upwards.

Remember the Suzuki RE5? That was the flame-thrower king! Hit the kill switch at 80, coast for a few hundred yards, and flick the switch again. Phantom jets couldn’t beat it. Knackered the rotor tips fast, but a small price to pay I thought. Crap bike otherwise mind you.

Nick, if you go for stainless the characteristics of the designs available push the power up but in quite a narrow spread of power, and not marvellous results on near standard engines. (AND THEY CRACK!!) Chrome is ok and may make it last a tad longer but experience says once the tin worm gets hold that it wont last long. Price wise a simmo would probably be a good bet. No doubt youve read the new pipes thread, My pipes are made using 1.5 mm steel and should last an eternity. Painted, if after two years it looks ropey, sandblast and repaint (theres enough matal there. They dont get louder over time due to the (quieter than other expansions) mechanical muffler. On a stock, old tired P2 we saw some 42% power gain with no noticeable loss of peformance from 2500 revs. If you get to Revivals open day on 9th April you can see/ have a go/ dyno your scoot / ride the demonstrators/ etc. etc. See you there.

Hi nick, don’t be put off by expansion pipes. Those 3 into 1 suzuki pipes weren’t proper expansion pipes, each cylinder should have it’s own pipe to work properly. I had a GT550 with one of those pipes on, they did look good but that is all. It only worked well after the baffles blew out the back one night, then it was like a flame thrower for a few weeks till all the internals had burnt away, it shot a 10 foot flame out the back on the over-run, worse than a Foggy FP1.