PX200- Exhaust, running in

[:rotate:] Hi guys,
I dont wanna sound completely thick but I have a few questions about scootering and could do with some help getting it right from the start. Ive just ordered a new px 200 (10 week wait…!), Whats the best way to run it in? Do I really have to do 500 miles @ 40mph? Should I get my sip performance exhaust fitted before or after running it in? Does it require re-jetting? Can I use fully Synthetic 2-stroke oil from new? Whats gonna be the best petrol to give it,4 star,unleaded or super-unleaded? Any help would be great, Cheers lads…Gav

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Nice one man, cheers for the reply, looks like I`ve gotta stick this 40 mph thing out before I let the credit card run riot and really get to play on the scoot, thanx again, Big-G.