PX200 engine to PX80


As I'm borred of watching chineese plastic scooters backplates, I'd like to mount new PX200 engine into my PX80 Lusso ('96). Does anybody have any experience in this matter. Will this engine fit without modifications of a frame, or modifications are neccesary. Actualy one of my friends tried to put 200 into his wife's 80, but failed. He said engine was to big, therefore the angle of back shoc absorber was too wide, comparing with its position when the original 80 engine was mounted. On the other hand my friend from Germany succesfully put 200 engine into PX 80 (both "alt"). On SIP webshop they write that 200 engine fits PX 80 Lusso, but just in case I spent 1.500 Euro redundant, I wanted to ask you.



Thank you Mick.

Now I sure wil!


Of course it fits. The chassis are exactly the same for px 80, 125 or 200. I have done this lots of times. Your friend was wrong about the rear shock, there is no difference. The engine can be a little tricky to mount if its your first time to do this job, maybe its easier if you get your friend to help,connect the shock and then lift the engine mount into place, sometimes you need to compress the rubber with a big flat screwdriver and push in the bolt from the engine side. Fit the exhaust afterwards.

Go for it,