PX200 engine in GS160

I have the offer of a GS160 without an egine.

I also have a 210 Malossi Kit and PM Tuning High compression head sitting at home unused.

Is it possible to easily fit a PX200 Engine to a GS 160? (with the malossi etc).

The GS already has a disc brake conversion and upgarded shocks.

Any other bits to worry about - electrics for example?

Cheers ,


A GS with a p200 engine, in my opinion, is the ultimate Vespa. The main problem is sorting out the wiring. You will have to alter the wiring in the handlebar switch and install the regulator somewhere (usually in the middle of the spare wheel). The best thing to do is speak to a shop that does this regularly and get a wiring diagram from them. If you are in the UK speak to Craig at Scooterworks, he’s done this many, many times.

Go for it.;D

Hello Syd,

the engine will fit without any problems and we could supply you the correct harness for your GS with a P-range engine! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me, because I’ve done this job a lot of times.

Best regards,

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