PX200 efl + Tassinari Vforce reeds + fullcircle longstroke crankshaft + Malossi 210

This is my first attempt to build serious tuning engine and I have few questions. I try to describe my set up as well as I can here.

So I started with my engine casings, I did some cutting and serious welding to make fixed bed for the reed valves, now they are laying nicely in a middle of engine block over a huge rectangular inlet hole, i did it so that the reeds would be just few mm away from cranckshaft. I chose fullcircle longstroke crank from Mazzuchelli and Malossi cylinder with new Malossi head. Now my question is, which is the best way to put the backings needed for longstroke crank, should I put all 1,5mm at the bottom or all at the top or half & half ? I would like hear other people experience with a similar set up or just general opinions before I start altering my exhaust/transfer port(s)

Rest of the set up is Mikuni tmx 30mm + RZ evo 2000 pipe + modified home made stronger clutch. At the moment i have regular ignition with lightened flywheel. Should I go for Vespatronic or Parmakit, are these worth of the money? 


All info is wellcome