Px200 crank help needed in deciding which one please

Ive got a pinasco kit (and a worb 5 head , 0 squish)

What i need help with is deciding which crank out of these 2to turn my scoot into a 225 please

45021000  110 degree timing

45025000 130 degree timing

ive got a sip road pipe

a delorto 24si carb

(Ive also got a phbh 28 if i want to go down that route)

What i really need is some informative answers to help me decide, and how the inlet timing effects the running on a pinasco touring setup.

Thanks guys





Eres de Zaragoza? Vas al Tudela Scooter Meeting?

de donosti


You're right, I ask a Sip clip problem recently and I'm still waiting, proved to the e-mail that you've posted Alberto

Si somos de Zaragoza, no podemos ir debido a que nos coincide con la carrera de resistencia de 3h de Motorland, en la cual tenemos varios clientes inscritos a los cuales les tenemos que preparar sus motores para correr, es una lastima pero lo primero es lo primero.


De donde eres?????


For my experience don't expect a sip answer if you write in this community forum. I agree it is sad but it is the fact.

Please send a direct email to [email protected] an pray for an answer!


By the way, I have a Pinasco 225 and i have a mazzucchelli long stroke art. 45025000








ok i will be buying one. if i get one from this shop or another online store doesnt bother me, in fact with the amount of time one has to wait for a reply its starting to bother me less




what about a 45028000.

Has a very good shape with good flow.