px200 clutch

once again one of me weird questions

got a flat primary gear clutch assembly (cogs are ortogonal to shaft, nor twisted like standar) with stronger springs.
I want to change clutch for a harder option, can i fit a COSA one?
knowing that it´ll need a primary gear change too .

it’s a px200e.


thanks BEERACE, you understand what I meant, (i hardly speak dago, so it’s logical that louzy english)., just one think i couldn’t express properly.

the straight cut primary and outer driver are already mounted on the vespa, also a set of harder springs (they came with drilled caps, a biut thiker than originals)

gonna open the engine and count clutch gear and primary gear cogs, but it must be in a few days, (heading for lisbon in a few hours - or may be i could have a chance to count cogs in a sidewalk somewhere bettween here and lisbon)), to know if its possible use a cosa one with the primary gear.

i got a spare straight clutch primary gear, the ribets bore and it doesn’t have the plate attached, could it be used to fit to a cosa clutch?

back on monday, hope that by then i’ll know the number of cogs, a better basis to ask.


(ouch!, i had just read my message again and hardly understand it, [:(], sorry )

Im presuming you mean a straight cut primary drive, teeth running same axis as the crank. If so this may well be geared up. I dont think they did a standard ratio straight cut. The rest of the clutch standard. If so, then yes you can change over to a cosa clutch and as std. it should handle more power and be lighter on the finger muscles. You will have to change the outer drive on your xmas tree aswell, which wouldnt hurt changing the springs also. By preference I would keep straight cut if possible to reduce side loads on the clutchside bearing. It is possible, I know cos I dun it, to fit straightcut teeth to a cosa clutch, the best of both worlds. To strengthen your clutch, if your hand is strong enough/ invest in a hydraulic clutch kit from sip, but that needs modifying, to get stronger springs, but Ive found they like to make their way through the tin caps. READ EXPENSIVE FAILURE. (There is a solution to that aswell)

If you change to a Cosa type clutch, you will have to change the straight cut primary to helical (standard). Why do you want to change it? Is it slipping? And how was Lisbon?