PX200 clutch / gearbox problem

Hi everyone

I have a PX200 with 25,000km on it, used every day, winter, summer, rain, snow, sun(!). I have a clutch problem: The clutch drags, so changing gear is difficult in traffic. If I pull up in 1st, I can’t get it into neutral without turning the engine off. However, the cable is adjusted correctly, right amount of slack etc. This is the second time it has done this, the first time my local dealer fixed it, new clutch plates and „some minor drilling“(?)

Any ideas?

Thanks, Nick

Thanks slidingdog - no the gearbox oil is fine, and the flywheel doesnt spin with the clutch pulled in. Its a mystery!

Have you checked the gearboxoil[?[]does it smell of petrol?)
and when you pull in the clutch and push down on the kickstart dose the flywheel turn?if it does, then adjust the cable till it dosen’t!

Have you treid it without the selecterbox cover on? it sometimes catches the cables,did it run fine the last time they fixed it?

slidingdog - I’ll give it a try. It was fine last time they fixed it, but gradually got worse again. I’ll take off the selector box cover today and see how it is on the way home from work.

Thanks, Nick