PX200 carb

Is it ok to put a px200 carb in a px125? If so is it a straight forward thing to do…anything I should look out for?
By the way, px125 is a malossi 166.

Thanks in advance

Put a PX200 carb on my mates Malossi 166, kept jetting same as PX200 it was a little rich but he was running it in.

Flew to the IOW and back no problems, should be a straight swap. The only modification was to block off the oil pump and run it pre-mix.

Hope this helps.

You can use it if you want to, with my mates bike we put a PX125 engine in a GL so it didn’t have a seperate oil tank.


Thanks for the reply Stringy

Why can’t I use the auto-lube?

Cheers mate[H]