PX200 autolubricant oil leak

Vespa PX200 - 93 with automatic lubrication system. The oil proposed to autolubricate and mix into the crank case is instead being pumped out into the air filter casing box. It leaks a lot, about 1 mL oil per km, fills the air filter casing and then it pours out through the rear plug at he mixture screw. Lots of green oil dripping. Professional Vespa mechanics in different workshops have tried three times in vain to stop the leak. I cannot figure out if the leak is under the top cover to the oil meter or if it is under the carburettor. If have dismantled them both several times and increased the thickness of home cut gaskets to finally now 2 mm.  Does anybody know about his problem?  


try to use this new





Thanks for caring Pierre but I do not think it will solve the problem. That original casing gasket is what the professional Vespa mechanics in three different commersial workshops tried in vain. Then I have tried to make my own gaskets in thicker gasket material. Is there anybody who have an idea of any other material I could use? Some kind of rubber? Silicone? Probably the parts are skewed in someway? And then a thicker gasket in a soft material cuuld help? It cannot be a unique problem?