PX150E 1983 Tuning Advise


        i have a px150e that needs a engine rebuild because the gears kept jumping due to the cruciform. Since it require a rebuild, i plan to tune my engine without cutting the engine casing. I had the following items already installed in my scoot

  1. 177cc Pinasco aluminum kit
  2. 24/24 Del Orto Carb
  3. Operated stock exhaust
  4. Super Gearbox

and I plan to get the items below.I need advise if the following items will enhance my scooter top end performance.

  1. Racing Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI Art.No. 45000000

  2. Bearing Crankshaft flywheel Art.No. 90020000 

  3. Bearing Crankshaft clutch side Art.No. 90010000

  4. Gearing POLINI 23/64 cogs Art.No. 20200000

  5. Clutch NEWFREN Sport for Vespa Art.No. 93150000

Would the follow products enhance my Vespa top speed and enable my vespa to cruise on high speed on tours?