PX150 Upgrade options

As I mentioned in another thread , iI have a 2005 PX150 , and will be receiving a Polini 180 kit & PM 24 exhaust.

The usual reasons why , but I was wondering if for touring (rally) times I’d be better off with the PM pipe and jet fitted for the sake of more power , or better going with the 180 bolt on and standard exhaust.

I had planned on using teh standard exhaust for general town commuting - so as not to noise up the locals etc.

I’d like decent reliability on all counts.

Are my plans ok - or flawed beyond belief ? [:)]

Hi is the pm really noisey then? Best set up has to be with that. Your standard pipe will restrict it. I know what you mean if its really noisey it can get on your tits after a while.

Cheers for that.

Ok , I’m going for the Polini 180 kit and PM Evolution 24 pipe.

They gave me 3 main jets … 102 , 105 & 108 - which should be the one to pop in ?

Thanks guys - info so far has been sooperb.

Re-reading you post I’m thinking you’re asking if it’s better to go with a PM on it’s own or a Polini and pipe,but I could be wrong as I’ve been drinking now.;D

Don’t up gear unless your gona flow and port. Juan is right the old Taffy polini engines were monsters

ps dont bother with the gear up kit as the 150 has a higher ratio than 125 anyway and the police can confirm this too if you do ring them

Well,I bolloxed that.^[:D]

In that case a Polini and a reasonable pipe is by far the better option.I would suggest either a Simonini or Polini’s own to start with before going silly on spannie’s.

If you’re going on a total Polini set-up then it may also be worth considering their up-gear kit or an up-geared clutch to complament this set-up as the 177 goes like Lucifer’s missus when fettled properly.[;)]

Good info again , who keeps the Polini up-gear kits ?

My opinion is a Sito + is a good compromise.I know they don’t last or sound too clever but do a job at the price(for a while).

If you really want a expansion I prefer the Taffspeed to a PM as they are far more user friendly and substantually more durable.

Yes a PM will *** all over a Taffy at the top end but my experiance is that the PM will allow the motor to rev on to much in hard use.Other’s may well disagree with this but it’s my opinion.

I haven’t tried JL’s but I’m told they are also a very tough pipe that has a decent spread of power so that may be worth looking into further.

I’d look at my option’s further before buying a PM as it’s a lot of money to put out if they’re may be an option that suit’s your need’s better.

Basically,do you want a fragile but high powered pipe or one with a more torquey set up that will last longer?

Taffy pipes are the nuts. Lots of low down power and as Juan sez the dont allow the motor to rev its nuts off. Its all a question of what you do most of commuting or rallying.

pm do all things polini. Polini exhaust are well made but give absoulutely no power difference just better sound. Simmos fall to pieces and become noisey but do give some good low down power.

108,work backward’s if it’s crap.No 2 bike’s are the same.

i wouldnt touch a sito plus with a barge pole they vibrate like feck. pm bloody pricey polini last 10mins. id go for a simonini, slightly better chamber than polini more like old gianelli and last longer. big pipes need big fuel and power to work. 109 main jet and if you dont believe me phone the police

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