px150 fitted ne polini 177 wont idle

i have px150 1980 and rebuild the engine with new seal. bearings and everything. fitted a polini 177 to stock motor.running stock si 20 carb and upjetted and have problem with idling. i cant get it to idle. it starts fine and revs fine, but wont idle and idle screw wont make no diffrence. i changed the main jet from 110.108,105 and still nothing. changed idling jet to 55/160 and still nothing. timing checked and set to 18degrees

P150x 1980

160/ be3/ 105


polini 177 ports not matched

stock exhaust

any ideas?

i also have a problem ...stock 1979 p150x   polini 177 stock exhaust pipe.....24-24 g carburetor...but my motor chokes at lower rpm.....be3 mixer 118 main jet                    50 100  idle jet....timing is at 18....but i will adjust to 20 degrees and see what happens......

There is a threat for english, when you describe your problem there. I think you will become an answer...