Px125e - how to boost it?


I’m a french vespa rider.
My pxe is a 99’ one.
I’m looking to boost it but in keeping the genuine parts.
In a french forum, some have tried to empty out the genuine engine…but no effect.[:’(]
Do you have somme easily solutions ?


well in that case you are wasting your time because piaggio designed them to do the speed they do and no genuine parts are going to make a difference unless you change the engine for a t5 motor[:D]

as said above the only thing that is interchangable with a 125 is a 150 top end,failing that, a good p2 motor is what you want(t5 also of course but ya cant get the effin parts for them)[:’(]


get a barrel and piston for a PX150. It will boost you a little and will remain a piaggio!
Or you can try the 150, 5port indian made piaggio 150 to stay with something related to mother factory.


thanks curare but it wanna keep the genuine parts…

thanks for your post.