PX125 - trouble when warm

Any tips for this?

2000mod PX125 is starting and working fine when cold-started and driven. If started when warm, the enginge stops when you try to put it in gear and drive... When cold again everything works fine and you can go on a quite long trip without any problems... Tips anyone?

Have you gone through the normal diagnostics? If iy were me id check fuel flow first and foremost might be a blocked filter. If you run on choke means more fuel is getting through so might not be affected bt a small blockage. But may be worse when having normal fuel flow. Next would be to check jets aren't blocked? May do for starters?


Good luck.

Thanks, I will take a look at the jets as well. The strange thing is that it runs fine until it is stopped and started again (warm) - until then everythink workes fine. The choke seem to work fine too. I will continue the search...