PX125 autolube

Just installed a Malossi kit, si24 carb and simonini exhaust. After about 10 mins it seized!!! [:@] [:@]

I think it was down to lack of oil I have filled the tank with premix for the moment but how can I make sure that the autolube is set up correctly??

Also can anybody offer any suggestions for jetting???

Was the bike running perfectly well before on autolube? Also did you put the 24mm carb on?
Two things I have seen before are the carb gaskets put together with sealant thus blocking the oil inlet into the carb or the wrong carb gaskets used. Or alternatively the oil pipe has a air pocket in it because it has been removed from the carb box. I usually draw the oil through the pipe with a baby feeding syringe(available from chemists).
If the carb is one you have put on and it wasn’t new check the oilway isn’t blocked.

Curare you are the man!!!

The cases and crankshaft (for the moment) are standard and it is a simonini exhaust.

did you check the ring end gap before you put the kit on

you have to check the ring end gap on new kit if the gap is to small it could seize not sure what it is on a px 125 but on t5 it should be between 0.10 to 0.15 this is what ian tafspeed told me they should be


if you think it is the autolube fault, it is not a question to set it up correctly or not. The autolube is either working or not.
It happens that the autolube gear breaks and or the autoluble three get damnaged, and you you don’t have any oil in your mix.
To check this just open the clutch cover and check the condition of the autolube gear and its connected three. If it is broken and you want convert to manual mix, you can take the parts out. (but not the gear washer that is between the cranckshaft and the clutch since it has also the function of a spacer for the correct use of the clutch.

For you carb set up try you didn’t mention the exhaust you are using, and if your cases are ported and if you use a racing cranckshaft. So considering all this variable the main jet could go from 122 to 130. If you will tell me more about your set up I will try to be more prcise (or some other in this forum).

The spark grade you should use is on Bosch scale 3, Denso 27,
Timing 17 - 18 (considering wich exhaust are you using).

Original von gaz7: did you check the ring end gap before you put the kit on

No it was all brand new (Kit, carb and exhaust)