Px to square light t5

px to t5.
how can i convert px to squarelight t5.front end no probs.can get the front end,forks ,headset etc.what about wiring for head set?also what about back end?i no you used to be able to get the (flat back end) from ve i think.could i use the back end from an old frame(if ther are any left that arent rotten)?or can you still buy the rear end?im most concerned about the wiring.any help would be greatly appreciated.[:smokin:]

Sounds like a lot of work. Can’t you just sell yours and get a old T5?

Yep! The Mk1 T5 is the one to have…with a T5 engine also of course.

All the wiring you need should be there already, it’s just a case of re-jigging it a bit with the help of the wiring diagram fom the Haynes manual. The rev counter doesn’t have independant wiring from the engine, everything you need is under the headset.