PX stall and start problems

Recently bought a Px and i’m having problems with it dying on me, Kicks up 2nd or 3rd time ok, runs for about 2 minutes then dies, then it’s an absolute bitch to kick up again, and when i manage it does the same over again, The geezer i got it off said he’d given the carb a good clean as the bike had been laid up for a while. If it’s the carb is it a big job to clean or adjust it myself?
I’ve checked the plug and it’s wet so would that indicate flooding? and if so what would be the cause of that?
Any help at all appreciated or it looks like a garage visit for me


Cheers Curare, The petrol seems to be spitting out of the carb up into my air filter and soaking that through.have ordered a carb gasket set and a carb rubbers and grommet set as it seems that there’s quite a few missing. Took the bike out and ran it last night and it was ok, kicked ok and ran without wanting to stall, still petrol coming from the carb though, is it safe to still run the bike until i get all the gaskets and rubber seals on the carb?

If everything worked fine before, could be the float needle or the float assembly. Open the carb and check if the float assembly mooves freely.
If it is not this part causing the problem ask again so we will check one thing after another.

Opened the Carb up and looks like the float bowl is ok its moving freely and theres nothing inside it…so next step? and remeber this is the first time i’ve ever opened a carb up so be gentle with me

take the carb out again. After you take the carb gasket out you will able to see the carb casing screw. You can’t miss it, it is a large screw.
Check if it is thight on its sit. Then replace the carb.

If you are in the mood for you could unscrew it, take the carb casing out and replace the carb casing gasket. But it is very very seldom necessary to do so. If you decide to do it, before unscrew the casing screw put something on the inlet port. If the screw get inside it it could be a problem to get it out. And don’t think that if you are going to be careful it is not going to happen, since it happen only when you are really careful.

Had a busy weekend, Stripped and cleaned the carb completely, replaced gaskets , and float needle, sorted some wiring problems out too earth wire had snapped off so soldered that.Also found that my choke cable was’nt working so popped out the tank and mended that. Bike starts now either first or second kick and is running good . I cant believe i’ve fixed it myself.Cheers for all your help and encouragement lads, would’nt have had the balls to have a go myself without your pointers and also thank the lord for haynes manuals[:rotate:]

Don’t venture far from home.[;)] ;D

Original von northstandhero: If it\'s the carb is it a big job to clean or adjust it myself?

If i can do it, anyone can, I can promise you it’s not difficult.

right took carb to pieces, and cleaned jets and filters , when i’ve put it all back together bike is kicking and running ok but leaking petrol, my mate took out the oil mixing screw to clean and didnt check the setting on it, where should it be set, and where do you think the petrol is coming from?