PX Speedo/rev counter - anyone else been waiting since 2011?

Ordered it last November but keep being told they don'y know when it will be delivered! WTF are they making it out of moondust and unicorn tears? I'd appreciate anyone who has received one letting me know



yeah i been waiting too, sent couple emails and got garbled message saying yes , u have got a backorder lol.  I had enough yesterday and called and despite them saying they would have a delivery on 16 June 12, they are expecting them at end of August....i bet they aren't!

yep, finally in stock!!


I ordered it february 2011. I and a bit disappointed with sip support, thew don't answer to any of my emails regarding sip shock absorber, and in general to any of these kind of email like yours! I can imagine that the speedo for the px it is more difficult to make because of the fuel gauge. I hope at least that it will work properly after this long wait!


have been told I can't cancel the order because it's a special order - I would have thought it would be quite easy to cancel if it takes nearly a year for the manufacturer to make one. If that manufacturer supplied me i would either tell him to stuff it or if i was SIP, advertise the item only when they had it in stock

another 3 months on top of 18 months, i guess there will be another few months delay coming after that....again, sip are crap

well lets see IF they arrive in august....or sip will lose a customer

nothing doing for the PX speedo - I've sent off my monthly email waiting for SIP to tell me another fairy tale...

Good news!!!

Est. date of delivery 30/11/2012


[:(]bad news

If I were you, I will try to get the money back and wait until the correct one is finally in stock.


I ordered one of the sip speedos off ebay and it has come but its like 80% of the size it needs to be. Do i have to change my handlebar cover for it to fit? Im on a px 125 disc. 

You have ordered the kind for the older PX. An easy mistake. Youll need to make a bracket out of MDF and it doesnt have a fuel gauge measure. Yeah SIP, although a great company, needs to engage their balls when dealing with koso.

Today is the day!!!

They will have it in stock finally after one and a half year wait! 




THE day is over now and nothing has happened!!! Let's see the new date of arrival.