PX New 150 Anniversary CDI problem

I have problem with my PX, the CDI was broken. After replace with new CDI, my PX can running again but only for few days. And then the CDI broken again  . Then I replaced the with new CDI again and then broken again after few hours 

All the wiring have been checked. No short circuit, no burned cable, everything seems ok. I also change the stator, voltage regulator but the result is the same : CDI broken for third time.

Is there anybody have this experience? Would you please share with me what I have to check or change? Is this CDI is AC or DC powered? for my last option, I will change the wiring harness even I'm not very sure about that.

Sorry for my English language and many thanks....

New wiring harnes will do nothing.

Ignition have separate circuit. Thats from the stator white, red, green.

Components are pick up and high tension coil on stator and cdi.

Voltage regulator is not in any case responsible for ignition.


My guess would be bad pick up or high tension coil, but you said you allready changed stator plate.

Did you bought original cdi or replacment ?