PX - loose front hub backplate

Help guys; I have a 1998 PX and the front hub backplate keeps coming loose.

The problem originated after I put on a Bitubo shock and a Grimeca semi-hydraulic brake kit - more trouble than it was worth.

I’ve now removed the Grimeca, still have the Bitubo fitted, but have refitted my original drum brake.

When I put it on all is well and I can’t budge the backplate. Once I’ve ridden a few Kms and hit a few bumps the bastard circlip pops off and the backplate becomes loose, floats along the shaft and the rotating drum hits it.

I will try yet another new circlip (though the shaft is a little scarred the groove seems fine) but can anyone suggest a way to fix the circlip ends together once fitted - people have suggested tying them with stiff wire but that would be very tricky and I’m not sure how effective.
Or an alternative to teh circlip to fix teh backplate in place?


[?[] syd what is wrong with the disc brake kit? i was going to put one on my scooter and will my aluminium rims still fit[:look:]

here here syd hand bags at dawn,dont think theres any need for those comments from a relitivly new user,i will stick up for mtl,he has given me lots of usefull advice,and im sure alot of other people would agree!for some one who has a grand total of 13 posts i think you should keep your opinions to your self!im by no means an expert my self and a pretty recent user.if your such an expert why not sort the problem out yourself rather than slag people off.[:shock2:]

Calm down, calm down, no need to take offence :slight_smile:

Perhaps the problem is with the shaft the circlip goes onto. You could try using a bit of superglue or a similar product to hold the circlip in place. An alternative would be to drill a small hole in the shaft and use a split pin.

My first suggestion would have been to replace the fork assembly, but since your first post was from the bogde it diy school of thought, i gave my suggestions accordingly.

Reply to Stubsy:

Hey Stubsy, I will start off by saying that it was not my intention to offend anyone so if I did I apologise. I don’t know who MTL is, what he does, how many post he’s made - whatever - it’s not relevant.

In this instance and in the context of this thread I stand by my original comments that his suggestions were unsuitable and potentially dangerous.

But, what I REALLY don’t understand is where you fit into the equation Stubsy. I’m sure MTL is big enough to look after himself and doesn’t need you to hold his hand for him. So I don’t know what relationship you have with MTL (or what relatonship you’d maybe like to have) but really it’s none of your business.

Read this thread - I made a post - MTL made a suggestion - I replied - he answered - end of story.

Then you come along and start putting your beak in. You express your opinion that I should keep my opinions to myself - don’t you think that’s a bit hypercritical - if you tell other people not to express their opinions what right do you have to express yours - why not give us all an example to follow and keep out of it.

And before you start typing away - READ what you are replying to. I’d already FIXED the problem when you told me to go and fix it myself, and I stated that in my second post - read it (and btw it wasn’t a bodge job it was a problem with the Bitubo).

Finally for anyone thinking of buying a SEMI-hydraulic grimeca try this set up first: fit some slotted/high performance brake shoes, a stiffer outer brake cable (you can get suitable high quality ones from push bike shops these days - recommended to me by someone who uses them on the race track) and preferably an upgraded shock - the overall effect is as good as the SEMI-hydraulic grimeca (note - not the same as a fully hydraulic setup) and a helluva lot cheaper.

And Stubsy you’re quite right - I don’t submit a lot of posts here - but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about now does it dear. The fact is that I have a life, and I actually spend a lot of time riding my scoot, not sitting at a desk jerkin off to a bulletin board!

Good luck to you and MTL

[:dance1:] [:dance1:] [:dance1:]

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Hi i have the disc kit on my T5 very good a lot better than the standard drum saved my life on the way to mersea last year when car decided to stop in front with no warning if i had the drum brake i would not be writing this now so i say go for it buy one now Gary[:dance3:] [:bounce:]

Thanks for the reply.

There is no way super glue or similar will hold a circlip on a shaft - the forces pushing against it are far too strong.

Drilling a hole in the shaft is not a very safe option either. Once you start drilling you will weaken the whole assembly.

And if you can drill a straight hole through the 20mm diameter front axle on a Vespa using a hand-drill (ie without taking the whole fork assembly to a machinist ) then you must be remarkably skillful with hand tools.

I have solved the problem by fastening the two legs of the circlip together - but again this is quite a tricky thing to do when you consider how little space there is once the backplate is in position.

While I appreciate that you are trying to be helpful, I think your suggestions are totally unsuitable.
You really should think carefully about what you advise other people to do. If I was dumb enough to start drilling holes in the front axle the results could be catastrophic.