PX - Long stroke cranks (generally)

All right. I’ve been getting mixed comments on the benefits of a 60mm crank in an otherwise stock standard PX 200 engine (millennium ed).

One view I’ve heard is that it’s a great combo - „the ultimate touring engine“. More power for hills, riding 2 up, etc, but without messing up the reliability (still have the standard PX top end).

The other view is that it doesn’t make much of a difference at all - certainly not enough to justify the expense of the crank and the hassle/expense of cracking the cases to instal it.

What’s the views here? Is there any consensus?

Personally I’d forget all about it unless you’re going to do some proper engine work and spend several hundred pound’s.

If you are going stadard u get more torque from a longstroke. If u are gettin a malossi u will get some more torque and some extra power if you do as the germans says;D
Works lovely 4 me.


depends what you use it on. Some kits benifit more than others. By increasing the stroke you increase the capacity. Increased capacity usually increases torque and power without making the power curve peaky. This is why they make good tourers-you get more power for less revs.
Problems are that it does need someone who knows what he is doing to set up the bike. Also the 60mm crank most widely available is the mazzecheli and it is weak. It can be sorted but you may find what you want elsewhere Ie with a different engine set up.

I wouldn’t do it either.
The benefit, if you are not going to change anything else, are not worthed the money spent, and you will find it more difficult to set it up.