PX left hand exhaust


I have a px200 with pinasco 225, long stroke, worb5 head ... and ScootRS stainless pipe. I like the pipe but not the sound. It is too loud for me.

Please, which is the lest noisy left hand exhaust for a vespa px. Please any suggestion???

How about the sip performance 20011000?? If only the silencer would be bolt on ...

To the SIP team:

How about the art. 20019T??? Is it stainless steell? If so, could I order it polished??? Is it louder than the sip performance 20011000.??


Thank you all!!!





Whow, 125 main jet !?!?[:^)]

In my 200 stock remain cylinder, I have using a 125 main jet, and I have grip my piston.

I preview my configuration less base gasket, but a reworking cylinder head, for much torque.

I had a lot of pinking problems, so I ordered this worb5 (andreas worbel) special head for the pinasco longstroke. I bougut it here at sip, I think art. number is 43322850. It is a standard piagio head reworked. I use a 1.5 mm base gasket.

What are your jetting??? Ignition???

Mine are: 125 main, ignition 21º.

How about sip performance exhaust stainless steel??? Less noisy???

Thank you.



Stainless steel is too loud, and the output is smaller than steel.


I mount the same configuration (pinasco 213, longstroke mazuchelli 60mm fine heaved, scootrs stainless steel, si 24), what's the modification for the cylinder head ?