PX frame?

Can anybody tell me which is the cheapest scootershop in EU to get a new frame to build the remains of my crashed PX disc into? Can a used frame from an older PX accept all the parts? not a tuning question I know, but advice needed. Cheers. Ed.

Got in contact with the guy selling the frame and bit for £300 but looks like I was 2 days too late. Bggr! Keep looking.

check out this months Scootering, I’m sure a dealer has them advertised for around £250, in fact i’ve just found it now, K&S Scooters selling new(old style) PX frames. 01332 515591.Good Luck.

Hi mate
Check out page 84 of this months scootering p.x disc frame in ai condition £100,also almost complete p.x non indicator scoot £150
hope this is of help[:dance3:]

That sounds like a bargain, well spotted.

Any EFL frame should do the trick.

Hi ed
Try ringing around a few of the u.k. dealers maybe the smaller ones you never know what they might have kicking around,i recently bought a n.o.s p.k. frame for less than £200 at grand prix scooters cheers Adrian[:smokin:]

Hi Ed
theres a guy selling a brand new px frame on www.scootertrader.com it has all the panels,mudguard etc,i think he wants £300. hope this is of use.