Px extended fuel tank

My problem is this:
My PX has a Taffspeed ported Malossi 166 kit; welded, ported and polished cases; Malossi reed-valve; Delorto PHBH-30 carb (134 main, 264 atomiser, 40% slide); Ram-Air filter; Taffspeed pipe; P200 primary drive; Cosa clutch (23t); Malossi clutch springs; T5 4th gear; lightened flywheel (Piaggio)(1.8kg), modified head (for compression ratio); Platinum B9 sparkplug; stator plate drilled (to get 16* BTDC); modified throtle pulley (for carb to open fully).
It’s run at 3% mix with Silkolene Pro 2 premix oil, Silkolene Pro 4 oil in the gearbox and Shell Optimax 99 0ctane fuel.
It was set-up on the dyno (took 3 hours) to get the jetting and comp-ratio right and the result is 85-90mph top and cruising at 70 on 1/4 throttle at the start of the power band all day without overheating. (no bullshit).
What’s the problem you ask?
How do I extend the fuel tank so I can get more than 60 f**king miles from a full tank.

Put a bottle of petrol in your toolbox.

Have fun

Thanks for that.
It looks good, with that tank I should get 90 miles.[:)]

Mind you its 150 euros ,about 95 pounds sterling [[:O]]

Hello Matey;D
Go to this website www.worb5.de/index_e.html
You can purchase a monster tank from there.
Havnt got one myself so i cant really comment but the guy knows what he is talking about and the tank is 11.5 liters.