Px efl indicators

I have another problem I have recently had my side panels resprayed and am at a loss as to when I put them back on both rear indicators do not work but front do any suggestions

I had the same problem with my px.It was a bad Earth on both indicators.To remedy it i put a piece of wire onto the earth point on the indicators a bayonet type connector on the end of the wire and earthed it directly to the chassis.You can still remove the panels by undoing the bayonet connector.[:dance3:]

[?[] Aceface - did you get the problem with your indicators sorted? … a funny thing happened to me just after I replied to your post … I was doing some work on my guards (de-seaming them) and had removed the indicators for painting, when I put them back in one side wouldn`t work - turned out that the plug that goes into the indicator unit was broken and only being held together by the heatshrink … an easy fix in the end but a pain in the ass all the same.

thanks for your answers i will try them out

Being a painter by profession I suggest you check all electrical contacts to make sure they havent been "masked" out - also check that paint hasnt covered any contacts … it`s not a great conductor of elec-trickery.