PX EFL gears in an `80 P200

Hey Anybody,
My P200 (now 210 w/ reed block) has a worn cruciform, it wont stay in gear. I know of some people putting the newer style PX main drive gear cluster into the P200 to get more positive shifting.

Besides changing the gears and drive shaft does anybody know if I would need to change the bearings in the case? Also which short 4th gear would I use, and would any clutch changes be neccessary?


Im running the 210 kit with high compression polini head, 30 mm carb mallossi reed block, w/ SIP pipe. I was running a Cosa clutch but burnt that out after 2000 miles.

Ive been running this motor for about 2 years. When it was built it would sometimes jump out of 2nd like you are saying, so I figured it was producing to much torque. But after awhile it does it all the time in 1, 2, and 3. When it was built they put in a new cruciform. I talked to a a scooter mechanic that used to race and he said that he always put in the PX EFL gear cluster to get more positive shifting. The PX cruciform has no rounded corners and is perfectly flat (from what he told me) so it will hold the gear w/out slipping out.

[H] Ill bear that in mind if it starts playing up in all gears - I find its ok if Im doing lower revs when I change down ... no probs at all when changing up ... what reason was given for your Cosa clutch burning out? ... reason I ask is Ive got a Cosa clutch too and I dont want to have to replace it so soon if it cant hack the pace.

[?[] Does it have problems with all gears or just when you change down to 2nd? … mine tries to jump from 2nd to neutral when the revs are too high but I was told by the builder that it had a new cruciform when he put it together for me so it may just be that the motor is producing more power. (I`ve got a P2 motor w/ 210 Malossi reed block also - what carbie do you have? … how long has your motor been in use with the new set-up?)