PX died on me , gear problem?

On the way home form work this evening my P125X bloody died on me, i struggled to get it into gear in the car park, selected first , released clutch, nothing. I thought i must have mis-selected, tried again and the same.Then tried second, nothing.Finally crashed into gear so set off down the road,changed up released the clutch and started free-wheeling.I managed to get it back into gear with a struggle and carried on like this for about 5 miles with the bike finally going in and out of gear and free-wheeling.Any way it finally decided it was’nt gonna go in gear at the bottom of a mile long hill so i had to push the bastard all the way up to get home.
I’ve checked my clutch and gear cables they seem fine, i’ve opened the selector box and the gears are being selected ok, just not going into gear at all , either using the clutch or just crashing them into gear.Does this sound like a cruciform problem?
cheers for any ideas

Cheers Diablo, the pin had fallen out of the selector arm,Ive replaced that changed the gear oil to rock oil sae 30 and the selector box gasket.The gears still are quite clunky though, it seems that the selector rod(not the selector arm but the rod that goes into the gearbox) has play on it , goes in and out without any resistance, does this seem ok? i took the bike out for a short ride and gears seemed quite hard to select,and still a bit clunky, especially first which goes into gear with a loud clunk, do you think i need some cable adjustment perhaps?

Not too sure what you mean by clutch drag diablo?,i’ve slackened off one of the cables, before it was a lot harder to change down than up, taken it for a run and it seems a little better, not perfect but better.

The gears are being selected ok using the handlebar selector.If the pin had worked loose would it still be possible for the ratchets in the selector box to move?

hi clutch drag is when you know the cable is adjusted properly but the bike still creeps forward with the lever pulled in. Its caused by the plates not separating properly. It can make it difficult to change gear especially on downward changes.

Yes thats why it can seem like its not the selector.

Also if its a cosa type clutch they are prone to drag due to the metal plates warping. Are you getting any clutch drag?

When you say the gears are being selected with the box off is that with you moving the selecter rod your self? Is it possble that the pin has fell out of the arm of the selector box. The other possibilty is that the threads are shagged on the cruciform or selector rod.

Sounds like your cables need adjusting. I recently fitted a new selector box gasket and the shaft does move in & out to select the gears. I did my cable too tight and couldn’t get first gear, then slackened it off & lost all gears, it took a while setting up but they are better than ever now, just done Woolacombe and back no trouble.