PX Catalytic Conv

I know it’s ok to remove teh cat. exhausts to fit expansion pipes etc…

But to make sure … is the mysterious item in these 2 photos the PX cat ? And if so I presume it is ok to shelve it along with the unrequired exhaust ?

Cheers folks.

Its my pleasure hope your pm works well

Hi i’m not sure its a cat as such more a device for getting the px through the emission laws. It was explained to me as being a bit of a con so that some of the exhaust gas goes into a filter of sorts and the emission at the tail pipe is less. When we get these bikes in for service I cut the pipe off at the exhaust and weld it up. Ive also found these bikes were underjetted probably for the same reason. Get the haynes manual and look up what a px should have and adjust if neccesary. Throw the left overs in the bin!

Original von diablo: Throw the left overs in the bin!

Personally I’d store it for MOT time of if you ever punt it off.


Yes a good move methinks!

Thanks for the info Diablo.

Yeah , that would make sense the way it’s piped off.

Will be off at the weekend to be replaced with a PM Tuning Evo24.