Px Autolube Carb removal

Please help! I can't remove the  Si24/24E carb from the air box.

I have removed the air filter, choke and throttle cables and the carb mounting bolts. The mixture screw is stopping the carb from lifting out of the air box. Do I need to remove the rubber grommet that surrounds the mixture screw? Do I have to remove the oil metering device?

I wanted to leave the metering device in and only clean the carb body, jets and replace the carb to airbox gasket along with the bowl gasket.



yes, you need to remove the rubber grommet that covers the hole to the mixture screw.

unscrew that screw and you'll be able to lift the carb out.

you should also be able to clean the carb without having to take it out,but then it's less thorrow.

shouldn't be a problem with the autoube to disconnect it...

just look at it very logically and you'll be fine [;)]


cheers, hannes.

Thanks Hannes,

Everything went well and the bike is running very well again.