Px 200e modification

hi guys ;

i'm new here and searching for some help about upgrade parts. My px is not modified but i want to  upgrade it's horsepower and want to  make it  more sport. But i dont have any experience and knowledge about this issue; so could you please help me which parts i have to get? İf you can write the parts name exactly i want to buy them here. Thanx


Parts wise depends on how far you want to tune your machine. Do you want a revvy monster or more of a tourer tune?

Try first by blueprinting your engine, swapping exhaust (to JL, Sito, etc.) and lightening the flywheel down to about 1.5~1.6 kg.

From there on, see how you like it and progressively improve it.

-malossi 210cc kit and cylinder head or polini 208cc kit with head also. your choice

-mazz race crank or long stroke. your choice

-you need to upjet your 24 si carb to atleast 125 main jet. but need to plug chop at wop throttle.

-t5 4th gear

-jl pipe right or left hander

hope this helps. cheers


yeah your right!here in greece,we cut the crankshaft 10mm an leave it like that,and we dont ,too often,use other carbs than the original,or reed valves..also we rework the original cylinder heads,and work perfect with the mallosi 210 kit!!the JL exhausts are one of the best there is!!there is a bunch of new exhusts,scorpion,s&s,but i use the right jl,and my vespa HOWLS AT THE MOON like crazy!!!

thank for choice [:D]

and can you tell me t5 4th gear how is different px4th gear and short gear


it t5 4th gear?


I think my px I use malossi210 mazz race crank20mm cabl24 clutch3 plate

i want  Pictures

modification step to step can you sent me

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sorry i am not  good  english

if you want to keep it standard put try a t5 mk1 carb on it to 24 24 g this helps a bit

del, uk

Just to add to the body of knowledge already here I can give youinformation on my set up.

I have a 1995 Vespa PX200 Arcobaleno Elestart 200cc. It was running the standard carb and jets until my upgrade.


I bought a S.I.P Exhaust and a Mallosi 210 kit with head and gaskets.


Did a complete rebuild, and matched the ports to the new 210 kit and slightly polished the inlet manifold but did not open it out. It was reassembled smoothly and with the standard carb but with just the main jet changed to the 130 which was supplied. However, it was spluttering terribly once running.

I checked Timing with a strobe scope and it was smack on the 18 degrees BTDC which is set at the I.T mark on the stator, correct for my model. There were no air leaks or splits in casing or crank and fuel was getting to the carb OK.

The carb had the 130 main jet which came with the kit so after much frustration i started to investigate main jet settings. I went down to a 120 main jet and low and behold that did the trick.

No spluttering, fast acceleration and will get up to 70 MPH easy.

As a standard based set up this worked for me but making sure you have done a fault diagnosis on other causes which cause bad performance early i think saves a lot of extra effort.

Hope my information is some help


Eventualy i changed just the main j