PX 200e discbrake, fully hydraulic!

Hello! [:bounce:]

Sorry, meine Deuch ist schlecht.

I want to have a fully hydraulic diskbrake för my -86 but
I do not know what to order! Please help!

If possible 4 cyl calipper and the things to rebuild from drum to discbrake! What do I need from SIP?

Can I fit a 130/70 K62 wide kit with diskbrake? What is the 2k version? Pictures?

Please help me out! Going on a longer trip really soon!

Best regards
/Samuel Arfwidson


do you want it for the front or the rear wheel?
i think for the front a half hydraulical brake is good enough and it is not that expensive as the full hydraulic brake.
For the rear there is also a brake in the SIP shop just look and try to find out the price but the rear brake is verry expensive.


I Think you should try THIS ONE!

But IMO the tire you want won’t fit.

Hi, I am having the same problem as you. I suggest that we coordinate our efforts. You will reach me at [email protected] My Vespa is a Piaggio Vespa 200cc 1986.


hey Sam,
you are in the wrong area of this forum, because here we talk about 2 stroke maxiscooter not vespas [;)]