Px 200 timing tip

everyone has heard of the complaints about some p2,s that havnt got a lot of go.heres why.on inspection to a few of my mates p2,s they pulled off the fly wheel for the first time and low and behold they found the problem.f… me thats set to a 125 setting!!! so there you are some p2,s have 125 timing settings when they left the factory.they have set to proper settings and the bikes have bin totaly transformed. hope this can be of some use. if were incorrect im sure someone will let me know.

So what are the correct and incorrect settings?:shoot1:[:dance3:]

It is meant to be set to 23 degrees. That is the „A“ mark on the stator plate that has to be lined up.

i believe this was possibly done for emission reasons to pass certain countries laws. Hey! Do farts have lumps?[:D]