PX 200 Seize

I have recently picked up 2008 px 200 with 2000km on the clock Totally Standard I got the p2 as it was and was not sure of what oil was in the reservoir. I rode it and it had 2 soft seizes. I had a new 1st oversize piston and rebore (piaggio Piston) I drained the oil from the reservoir and replaced it with Rock Oil PP2 Semi Syn I Then put 60ml of 2 stroke in the full tank of Premium unleaded to run along side the autolube as i throught that maybe the auto lube was not working properly and that was why it had seized in the first place and then again after the rebore. First ride out running in it soft seized again after 5kms at 45 -50 kmh at low revs I servised carb and auto lube, new gaskets and cleaned out totally no air leaks. And has soft seized another 4 times at low speed on short rides usually when i am throtteling off to a junction. Have done 130kms so far Could the crank be bent? What else can cause a seize? Any Help would be good!! . I have taken off the barrel today to find the scores I read that the clearance from the piston side to the barrel should be .008 with the feeler gauge but i could not get mine down the side so i am wondering if they have rebored the barrel to small.



the grinding clearance for original Piston in original cylinder is 0.16-0.22mm



0.08 is for aluminium cylinders only........



also the right fuel with min. 95 oktan, fullsynthetic 2- stroke oil and a ignition timing on 23 degrees is very important.








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