PX 200 Project

Just some pics of my PX 200 racer chassis as I build her. This stage shows the bare frame waiting for the new frame bracing and the rearsets I have made for the SIP rear disc brake I am using.

hi ade saw yer sread in scootering,needed some saucy angles and a few tits oot shots really but fair play mate,credit where its due. ive had my knob out in readers husbands but that was farmers weekly

Thanks doc, Andy from Scootering must have kept the tit`s & tackle out shots for his private stash (that or he left his wide screen zoom lens at home) You can just see my scar in the pic where I am holiding the PX headset up to the T5 one. Finished the rearsets now but had trouble stripping the front caliper, 3 of the 4 allen head screws were so badly corroded in that I had to drill the heads off & split the caliper before I could use molegrips to get the thread out (utter bastard of a job with two hands let alone 1 & a half)

Why did that pic hurt my eyes…er sort of make me feel I was more pissed than I am.(maybe). I read Farmers and therefore have seen VDs Knob!