PX 200 Oh so slow, Help

Hi there,
I’m technically challenged so please help. I’ve got a factory PX200e 1986 that runs great: acceleration, compression etc. seem good and the mechanic says the cylinder and piston seem O.K. but I can’t get more than 80 Km/hour out of it.
I’d like to tune it up a bit but don’t really know what parts to buy. I’ve creamed  meself and a few bikes in my time so it isn’t all about speed for me but come on! 80 Km/hour, lads on 50’s are leaving me in the dust.

Hmm everyones opinion is different on this, if you want a daily rider/tourer i’m presuming you want to keep autolube. So you keep original carby.

So I would go Pinasco 215 kit, Mazz 60 mm (fine weaved) cut crank, drilled out airfilter, remote air filter (the original air filter is not that great), upjets, match the the case to barrel. Couple that with a Sito plus or Simonini. 1.6 kg flywheel. You could take it a bit more further and polish the exhaust, match and polish carb inlet. When your using 60 mm crank make sure you have the right head and squish accordingly.

If you want more firepower, go Polini 208, with Mazz 60 mm crank, 1.6 kg flywheel, same deal with air filter above, match up the cases and polish exhaust and transfers. Upjets. Then followed by a SIP pipe, Scorpian, Taffsped or JL RH. Low compression head. Guys with these polini’s with a tourer tune had them last for ages and ages and still going. Advantages here is iron barrel if you seize you can get it bored and honed again unlike Pinasco which is niksail coated on alu barrel. However the alu barrels have better heat transfer.

You can ‚bolt-on‘ both these kits but you won’t really get as much out of them as you could unless you match them to the cases.

A cheaper way is you could also use your original barrel, enlarge the transfers on case and match on barrel, then widen exhaust slightly and match carb to inlet. Upjets, throw on a pipe (sito, SIP, JL up to you). Then have you current flywheel machined down or buy one of those 1.6 kg jobs.

The cheapest way to go is probably, start by drilling out the heart shape section in the airfilter. Then up the jets (118-120). See how you find that, if you want more then you could try a pipe (Sito, SIP, JL RH, Taffspeed). Adjust fuel mixture accordingly. Then see how you find that, then if you want more then you could try getting your flywheel lightened or buy a lighter one. Then try that. Then if you want more go with one of those cylinder kits Polini or Pinasco setups. Just make sure everytime you do a change make sure the fuel mixture is right (appropriate plug colour), timing is correct etc etc. And speak to other people and ask for advice see what they think everyone has different opinions.

Thanks for that, I never thought of checking the obvious.
What do you reckon is the best pipe and cylinder kit to put on to get a bit more performance and also to keep the reliability for everyday use?

If everything is mechanically fine it should get to the 100 km/hr there give or take 5 km/hr either way. Hmm is your speedo calibrated and reading correctly could be under reading [:S] If thats fine well then you could start buy changing to a pipe thats not so restrictive. Lighter flywheel. Cylinder kit, carby etc etc depends on how far you want to go.