PX 200 build advice needed


I want to build a new PX 200 motor. My goal is to have a reliable, daily driving engine. I already have the following:

Malossi PX 200 crankcase

Malossi Sport 210 cylinder/head

Mazzuchelli Race Crank: 57 mm, advanced

Malossi and SIP bearings, NOS gears, Cosa 2 clutch

I need advice regarding carburetor and ignition. I already have the following in my spare parts:

SI 24/24 (autolube) carburetor

Keihin PWK 24 mm

Dell'orto PHBH 28 mm

I plan to close the autolube hole in the engine and run pre-mix. If I run one of these carburetors, which would you recommend for daily driving with the 210 cylinder and race crank?

Do you have jetting recommendations for a starting point?

Would it be better to purchase the Malossi PHBH kit as I assume it is already jetted for a 210 application?

I notice the Mazzuchelli instructions recommend a lightened flywheel to avoid vibrations. What would you recommend? Would it be better (but still reliable) to go with an upgraded ignition (e.g. vespatronic, malossi vespower, etc.)?

Finally, I have a Sito+ exhaust and a Simonini exhaust. I'm willing to purchase a SIP road exhaust if that is necessary. Recommendations?

Many thanks in advance.