Px 200 4th gear in a t5

Hi i have been looking back at some early posts on this site and some one was told by sip to use a px 200 4 th gear with the t5 fited with malossi kit and cosa clutch has any one used this and what was the perfomance like Thanks Gary

Thanks for reply just wanted to know if a change was going to make any diffrence as my brother has a 210 and needs a t5 4th gear so he will not be having mine.

Had it in my T5 without the cosa clutch, and ran fine,always held fourth lovley, but now I’ve got the cosa clutch(21 tooth) it didn’t keep the revs in fourth,might suit with reed and bigger carb or cut down frame!
I think taffspeed recomended it with a tuned malossi with 30mm.
Ilike the autolube to much for that!