PX 150E and mufflers


Needing some guidance on selecting a new muffler for my PX150E. I currently have the standard but re-jetted SI 20/20 carb and a Sito Plus muffler fitted. The muffler is done, rusted through (lasted 10 years I guess)

Already have a SI 24/24 carb that I want to fit. Am considering a 177cc conversion too.

Question is, if money was no object, should I go for the Sito Plus exhaust again, upgrade to the SIP Road, or maybe even the SIP Road Sport with the tailpipes. The SIP Performance Sparewheel is really sweet too, expensive at  256 Euro's but maybe worth it.

Any thoughts out there?


i stayed away from the SIP Road Sport because i read the tail pipes make changing the rear wheel a bit more difficult.

Thanks Heggie, think I'm gonna go for the SIP Road Sport, same deal I think but with the tail pipes. 


i went from a Sito+ to a SIP road on my Genuine Stella (aka LML Star.) and am really happy with it. i just had to upjet my stock 20/20 carb from 100 to 106 main jet. the SIP road is quieter then the Sito+, still has a nice bottom end and midrange but it revs out better then the Sito+. i think the SIP road is worth the extra money it costs over the Sito+.