PX 125 tuningquestions?

i´m about to tune my px with polini 177cc and sito+ exhaust(i know it is´nt the best exhaust for the job , but i like the ground clearance for my riding style, i´m use to drive a yamaha R1 and going low in the corners) and a 28mm malossi( the inlet will be opened 13 x 46 mm).
what kind of results can i expect in speed and torque.

Does any one know if the malossi carb kit includes choke conversion and 90 degree angle for the throttle?



as far as I remember the complete malossi kit comes with choke conversion, cable tube 90, and the two cables throttle and choke.

I like the Sito plus with Polini kit, yes it is not the most powerful but will give you a beautiful curve and a lot on low medium-low rpm and will pull away very easy with good torque.

set well your carb and ignition timing.
Set the timing a little retarded when you jet and when you are sure you got the right main go to 19.

As far as gearing you can use 21/65 (cosa clutch +P200 primary)
or 23/65.

With the 23/65 you could reach about 120kmh not rev to high,
of course less with the shorter ratio…but of course everything depends if you port the cranckcases and if you use a racing crankshaft.