px 125 tuning

px 125 tuning help please.want to upgrade to a polini 177 kit.i dont want to split the engine or do crank mods etc.will do clutch but which one?which exhaust would suit,sito+ or polini pipe?up jet or re carb etc…its a pain in the ass as people have conflicting ideas.any help will be greatly appreciated

With regards to the timing try to use a strobe light as the factory marks on the stator are just a rough guide. Its pretty easy to work out where 16 degrees is if you use a ruler on the flywheel cover and measure the distance between the IT and A marks and divide the result by 5 and this will be the distance of each degree. IT is 18 degrees and A is 23, just make a new mark with some tipex and use a stobe. You will probably have to take off the flywheel a few times to get it right.

Can’t remember but it says in the instructions… to be honest though I just stuck it in the middle of the slots and tried it…it was fine so I left it there…but then that’s just me… a bit rough and a bit lazy [:smokin:]

thanks dirk.will the standard jetting of the 24 carb do or will i need to go down a few sizes?and what about the timeing?also does the kit come with profiled head?im very suspicious of polini .in the past on my squre light t5 i had the 152 kit which gave nothing but trouble clanging sounds various heat lock ups etc.have you had any problems with broken cir clip on gudgen pin.on dismantle of t5 found imprints of cir clip on top of piston etc.ive heard this is quit common,though they were fitted correctly.are there „hardened circlips“ available

thanks dirk yeh the clips with the circlip pliers. what a disaster they are. kit should be here some time today hopefully!!! what should timing be set to it or a? sorry IT or A?

The truth is that there is no right answer, it all depends what sort of performance you are looking for. I have a 177 with the recommended casing mods, but apart from that and a four plate clutch (not great but seem to handle it) everything else is standard. This is a great „sleeper“; looks and sounds standard but will b*** away std px125’s 200’s and et4’s… esp since it is a beaten up '74 sprint. The next stage I would go for would be a 24mm carb (PX200) and probably a Polini pipe (they are cheap and are rumoured to go well with the polini kits) but then my cover would be b***n, you’d then find that everyone wants a race and you’ll lose the element of surprise ;D

If you intend to use it on the open road a lot the Polini gear-up kit would be essential to increase your top speed.

…but hey, that just what I think [H]

Yes you will need to go down a bit from the std p2 set-up.

The kits usually come with those G stile circlips. I’ve never heard of them coming out. Is it those you’re talking about or the old style ones that you have to use the circlip pliers on? If it is bin them.

I’m using the head that comes with the kit (shame the 200 does have one) and it seem to be fine. Done many thousands of miles on it with no probs except some times it rounds like it’s going to rev itself to bit but you get used to that ;D